el potrero chico

1/2-1/7 All Inclusive Climbing Retreat
1/8-1/10 + 1/18-1/20 Lead Rope Solo Clinic
1/13-1/16 Climbing and Yoga Retreat
Available other dates for private guiding/instruction!

6-Day All Inclusive Climbing Retreat | 1/2-1/7

Fly yourself to Monterrey, Mexico and we’ll do the rest. We’ve got a private villa booked at the base of the cliffs complete with comfy rooms, a full kitchen, a pool, an outdoor lounge, a fire pit, and a covered patio. We’ll spend our days climbing to our heart’s content on the big walls of limestone. Our unparalleled ratio of 2:1 will ensure personalized instruction and optimal challenge for a new or experienced climber! We’ll spend the evenings enjoying the local and international scene alike with great food and drink before getting ready to do it all over again! Join us!

What’s Included:

  • 6 Nights Lodging minutes from the climbing
  • 3-4 days of Multi Pitch Climbing
  • All food for the duration of the trip 
  • Professional Climbing Instruction
  • Ropes/Technical equipment
  • Airport pickup and ground transportation
  • The best climbing trip of your life!

What’s Not Included:

  • Harness, helmet, climbing shoes, belay/rappel device (available for rent)
  • Alcohol
  • Flights
Climb These Walls
Epic Accomadation
Join us!

The (flexible) Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at Monterrey International Airport where we will pick you up and take you to our home for the week. We’ll get settled and possibly go do some climbing or just check out the town.

Day 2: Climbing day starting with a Multi-Pitch Clinic at a crag with some single pitch climbing as well. Possible shorter multi-pitch climb.

Day 3: Climb a Multi-Pitch Classic route with your guide and one other participant! Route length and difficulty depending on skill level.

Day 4: Rest Day. This will be your opportunity to soak up the sun, explore town, go for a hike, grab a massage, etc.!

Day 5: Time to step it up! After the first two day initiation part of the trip, it’s time to tackle some of the longer, more challenging routes in the area!

Day 6: Depending on how fatigue and finger tips are doing at this point, we’ll either cool down on some more mellow single pitch climbing or keep getting after the big walls! We’ll end our trip with a celebratory barbeque and drinks for our last night together!

Day 7: Shuttle back to Monterrey and fly out!

Contact Me for more information or click the button to make your booking!

Cost: $3,000

*You will be redirected to VerticalPursuitsClimbing.com for booking/payment

Lead Rope Solo Clinic | 1/10-1/12 and 1/18-1/20*

I am running an unprecedented 3-day Lead Rope Soloing Clinic! There is no other hands-on rope soloing instruction anywhere in the world! Rope soloing is considered a “Dark Art” of climbing, but it doesn’t have to be! I’ve been lead rope soloing extensively for the past 6 years including First Free Ascents, Speed Record Aid Ascents, and even a Free Rope Solo Ascent of the Freerider (5.13a, 1000m) on El Capitan.  Learn how to approach this demanding and rewarding style of climbing with an AMGA Certified Rock Guide and highly accomplished rope soloist!

*Dates are flexible, if you would prefer different dates please fill out an application and let me know!

Topics covered:

  • How lead rope soloing works
  • Belay device selection and considerations
  • Multiple methods of LRS climbing 
  • Device modifications
  • Lead rope solo free/aid climbing considerations
  • Ground anchoring
  • Multi-pitch LRS climbing
  • Top rope soloing methods
  • Finding YOUR balance between smooth and “safe” 
  • Big wall solo considerations
  • All those pesky (but incredibly important) details!

What this clinic is NOT:

I will NOT be “telling” you how to rope solo. My goal is that you will develop enough of an understanding of this activity so that you can decide the particular details of your system for yourself. In my professional opinion, if you are looking to blindly follow a “How to” then this clinic, and rope soloing generally, are not for you.


  • Leading 5.10+ sport outside
  • Years of multi-pitch climbing experience
  • Strong understanding of technical systems

[not a beginner program]

Cost: $1500

3 Person Limit

Please fill out this short application and I’ll get back to you via email!

Yoga + Climbing Retreat with Britany Paradis | 1/13-1/16

I’ll be one of the climbing guides on this awesome trip! 4 days of yoga and climbing with great people! This trip is also all-inclusive; local food, comfy accommodation, professional instruction, technical equipment, and ground transportation are all included!

Britany has all the details on her website! Go check it out and be sure to let her know Kevin sent you!!

*You will be redirected to BritanyParadis.com

Available other dates in January for any sort of outing!

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