Intensive Crack Climbing Clinic | 10/7-10/8

*In collaboration with Erik Griffith of Vertical Pursuits*

If you’re ready to take your crack climbing to the next level then you’ve got to come join us in Indian Creek! This weekend will be jam-packed with crack climbing of all different sizes and configurations. With a tight 3:1 ratio limit, you will get tons of personalized coaching with plenty of flexibility to meet your individual needs!

We will be camping together in the heart of Indian Creek, immersing ourselves in the desert landscape while sharing stories around the fire. Tents, dinner, and refreshments are provided.

While this will be a weekend focused on jamming and trad climbing skills I hope that the beauty of this place and time shared with new friends will leave a lasting impression that goes beyond climbing. I love this place, I’m sure you will too.

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Cost: $600

Intro to Big Wall Climbing | 10/14-10/15


Learn the skills you need to tackle overnight big wall climbs! 

This weekend is for experienced multi-pitch trad climbers to get hands-on, expert instruction on all the fundamental aspects of big wall climbing: aid leading, ascending a rope, hauling, and planning.

You can’t learn everything about big walling in a weekend (perhaps a lifetime) but you will be ready to start up Grade V walls on your own and start learning by doing!

[All photos from actual clinics!]

4:1 ratio maximum | 2 participant minimum

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Accelerated Self Rescue Course | 10/21-10/22

If you climb in a multi-pitch environment you NEED a toolbox of self-rescue skills. Period.

How would you rescue your partner if they were unresponsive after a leader fall and past the halfway mark on the rope? A rock fall damages your only rope and incapacitates your follower, how do you descend multiple rope lengths? Can you talk yourself through these (basic) self-rescue scenarios? Think you could do it for real with whatever happens to be on your harness? Would you bet your life on it?

Hold. Lift. Lower. With a couple of powerful tools for each of these simple actions, you can create versatile and creative solutions to any of the infinite situations you may find yourself in the vertical world. I’ll teach you the tools and how to break down the problems, you’ll work out the solutions and put them into practice with real loads, on a real cliff. The scenarios will be increasingly complex and constantly changing. See the curriculum tab for more details.

I’ve priced this clinic cheaper than any other I could find on the internet because I feel responsible to get this information out there. It’s time to get serious about self-rescue.

4:1 ratio maximum | 2 participant minimum

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Cost: $350

Guided Tower Climbing!

The red desert surrounding Moab is peppered with iconic sandstone towers and you can climb them!

There are a variety of options from first ever multi-pitch climbs to multiday big wall ascents. Check out the photos and options in the tabs below and contact me to make discuss dates!

Ancient Art
The Titan
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